Package jezuch.utils.starmapper2

Interface Summary
Parameters.ParamHandler Interface that defines a method to validate a reserved parameter.
StarsPlaReader This is an interface for readers that read or generate PlanetInfos.

Class Summary
ImageParameters Objects of this class contain instructions for Starmapper about generation of output image, such as image size, map clip etc.
ImageParameters.Clip Instances of this class encapsulate a Starmapper's map clip.
Parameters This class is similar to Properties but accepts more data types than String - int, boolean and Object.
Planet Planet class is a struct-like immutable placeholder for planet name and its locaion in the Stars!
PlanetInfo PlanetInfo is a sort of wrapper around Planet, that contains information for that Planet read from a Stars!
Player Class Player encapsulates a Stars!
Starmapper The core class of Starmapper2 Library.
StarsMap A class that encapsulates Stars!